Say goodbye to plastic straws by doing this

Say goodbye to plastic straws by doing this

When we order a soda or a milk shake, we hardly spare a thought about what happens to the plastic straw. A plastic straw takes 200 years to decompose and is among the most widely used plastic product in the world.

The focus of the UN Environment’s campaign for World Environment Day 2018 is reducing single-use and disposable plastic, which accounts for 50 per cent of plastic we use including plastic bags, containers, forks and spoons, cups, straws and sanitary pads.

This week, PondyLive plans to highlight individuals , non-profits and businesses who are beating plastic pollution in their own ways, big and small.  Don’t forget to share your story with us below in the comment section or on facebook or instagram with #PlasticFreePondy

“I carry around a metal straw with me everywhere I go. I never have to use plastic straws again! They are often consumed by animals in the sea, eventually leading to their unnecessary deaths. And I always carry a cloth bag with me, so no need for a plastic bag too.
I feel there is absolutely no need for any plastic product ever. There’s always a replacement in nature that we can use if we just shift our perspective to include the environment and her creatures.”
– Becca Campbell, Toronto, Canada. Currently researching on permaculture in Pondicherry farms.


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