#PlasticFreePondy: Choose a glass or steel tumbler over a plastic cup

#PlasticFreePondy: Choose a glass or steel tumbler over a plastic cup


Refusing a disposable plastic or paper cup when you dine out, can be a simple step to cut down plastic we generate.

The focus of the UN Environment’s campaign for World Environment Day 2018 is reducing single-use and disposable plastic, which accounts for 50 per cent of plastic we use including plastic bags, containers, forks and spoons, cups, straws and sanitary pads.

This week, PondyLive plans to highlight individuals , non-profits and businesses who are beating plastic pollution in their own ways, big and small.  Don’t forget to share your story with us below in the comment section or on facebook or instagram with #PlasticFreePondy

Every time I go out to have fresh juice , I ask for the juice to be served in steel or glass tumblers. I avoid paper cups too because they have a layer of plastic which prevents the paper from soaking in the liquid.
There are a few shops in town which I regularly visit. The moment the shopkeeper sees me, he washes the steel tumbler!  They have got used to it . I am keen that the container I use doesn’t get thrown away after use. Ditto for the bags that I use. I always carry a cloth bag or a reusable bag- one in my bike and one in my bag whenever I leave the house. I refuse plastic bags of any quality. “

-KSR Dinesh, founder, Samarpanam Farmer’s Market, Pondicherry


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