Dive into the future at this virtual reality lounge

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Dive into the future at this virtual reality lounge

I was scaling the summit of Mount Everest.

It felt like being home- and elation filled my heart. Reaching the peak, it was not the view of everything below but everything ahead that was spellbinding. The sunset, the clear night sky with limitless stars, followed by reveling in the sunshine- it left me slightly gasping.

From the highest peak on earth, I suddenly plunged into the deep ocean waters.

I was in a state of trance, enticed by blue whales blinking and majestically moving past me. It was thrilling and chilling at the same time.

All the while, my headgear (HTC Vibe) covered my eyes and I was armed with ‘hi-tech’ joysticks at ‘Zero VR ‘, Pondicherry’s cool new hangout for vivid virtual reality experiences. With two VR lounges and a couple more coming up soon, the space caters to various needs from gaming to education to meditation.


Gaming and guns

I was keen to try out their games. First was the classic Ping Pong. The higher levels of difficulty gave me a sense of what fast-paced World Champion games must feel like.

Fruit Ninja with a fencing sword was sheer fun when compared to the swiping action on mobile phones.
I followed it up with a couple of shooting games.

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Interchangeable guns, blasters, and lasers- all accessible with a scroll- were a cool way to hunt down hordes of alien zombies. As a final blow to my mind, I ended with a free fall from a plank, perched atop a tall building.

Quite content with my virtual escapade, I quizzed Prasanth Madavane on what inspired him to introduce the experience in Pondicherry.

“While I was in Japan, I saw the craze for VR there. After experiencing it first hand, I wanted to share this thrilling experience with the folks back home . Today, we are running amok with our idea in Pondicherry and with our franchising, we are all set to ride this crazy wave to Mumbai .”

Why Visit?

The lounge is equipped with the best tech and the  VR experience is further accentuated by Dolby sound systems.
I was so immersed that my headgear went flying!  The amiable staff let me go on, with a smile.

What we would love to see:

A couple of add-ons like motion sensing chairs and smell stimulation would take this experience to a whole new level. This can be expected, as the available tech is top-notch.

The Details:

Contact: 0413-2222393, 7010064866

Cost: Starting from Rs. 750 to 3000

Website: zerorealityvr.com

Image courtesy of Zero Reality VR