The Ultimate Guide to New Year’s Eve Parties in Pondicherry

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?

Here is our guide to over 35 Pondicherry New Year’s Eve parties and dinners.

Pondy has evolved as one of the most sought-after destinations in India to ring in the New Year.  And this year, there are options for every kind of reveller from the romantic candlelit diner to the dance-until-dawn party goer.


Most of them begin after 7 p.m. on December 31 and include a wide spread and some form of musical entertainment




1. Let’s Get Wet

Where: Nalla Eco Beach Resort, Chinnakalapaet

Why go? Rain dance, fireworks, laser show, photo booths

2. Port Spree

Where: Old Port, near Promenade Beach
Why Go: Musical band Thaikkudam Bridge, laser and foam party

3. Foam Themed Beach Party

Where: Seagulls Sea-view restaurant lawn
Why Go: Near the shore, foam dance floor, bar juggling
Book: +91 8056507166, +91 9080206276

4. Ponburn

Where: Chamber de Commerce, South Boulevard
Why Go: Mix of musical genres from EDM to Bollywood to Thai, special access category
Book: +91 9715162111, +91 9626616111,

5. Bienvenue 2018

Where: Ashok beach resort
Why go? Entertainment by Alya Manasa and team, tents to chill in, red carpet photos
Book: +91 7010412162, +91 8940500997

6. Countdown 2018  

Where: Village Villa, ECR , Koonimedu
Why go? Rock band Yazh, dance and entertainment by Vijay TV KPY team
Book: +91 8903912995, +91 9994272848

7. Rendezvous NYE 2018

Where: Ocean Spray resort
Why go? Fashion show, variety show, Kollywood and Bollywood dance, fireworks
Book: 0413 2650000

8. 2018 New Year Party

Where: Aadukalam, ECR Main Road, Lawspet

Book: +91 8489053216

9. Beach Party

Where: RKN Beach Resort
Why go? Party near the shore
Book: 0413 261 97 02/03

10. Pondy Tourism NYE

Promenade Beach, 10 pm
Why go: Public event, laser show, fireworks





Where: Greasy Tin, 135, Perumal Koil Street
Why go? Biker’s cafe, funky tunes, live jam
Book: +91 98940 20069/ +91 96556 96568


Where: Mango Hill Resort @ 8 p.m.
Why go? Live music with Aasha and H2O rock band
Book: 0413-2655491



1. Crosskeys Restropub, Gingee Salai 

Enjoy the new lounge and hip-hop with DJ Nash
Book: +91 82203 66668, +91 95000 17097

2. LB2 Lounge

Rooftop party with DJ Apritha and Tyrone
Book: 0413 4209941

3. Umami Kitchen

Drinks and dancing, tunes by DJ Zbinzy
Book: +91 95978 19980

4. Storytellers’ Bar, Promenade

Jive to DJ Sleepwalker’s funky playlist
Book: 0413 222 7750

5. Hotel South Avenue

Electro, Bollywood and EDM with DJ Dinesh
Book: +91 98439 94822

6. Dragon Lounge, Laila’s County

Party with DJ Akshai; ladies free walk-in
Book: +91 99943 91818

7. Hotel Priso, PIMS Road

Eclipse Futura party

Book: +91 88076 68851

8. Au Revoir 2017

Le Debut fitness studio, 10.30 a.m
Book: +91 96006 55898



1. Pokers Night

Where: Hotel Accord
Why go? Las Vegas themed night, live band and DJ
Book: 0413- 2299000

2. Quantum Rush

Where: Anandha Inn, SV Patel Salai
Why go? Masquerade and entertainment for kids
Book: +91 95145 28789

3. Retro Night

Where: Valency, Ananda Inn
Why go: Only for couples and ladies; games, Bollywood and salsa dances
Book: 93841 24545

4. Circus Night

Where: Crystal Hall, Hotel Atithi, S. V. Patel Salai,
Why go: Circus theme, games, DJ, prizes
Book: +919003043217, +914132345000




1.Decibel 2018

Where: Sunway Manor
Why go? Dj, dance floor, games, entertainment
Book: 914132281608


2. The Blow Out with stars

Where: Thamarai Resort, Auroville Road

Why go: Juggling, dances, karaoke, mimicry

Book: 9198941 41024

3. Beatz by the Bay

Where: St. James Court beach resort,
Why: Gift hampers ,best couple contests

4. Welcome 2018 with a bang!

Where: Grand Serenaa Hotel and Resorts, 9pm

Why go? Kid-friendly, fusion dance, party games




1.Villa Shanti

Festive special menu
Book: 0413- 4200028

2. Le Dupleix

Take a chance on love: dinner

Book :0413- 2226001

3. Blueline, Promenade

Multi course dinner, all-you can drink liquor list

Book :0413-2227750

4. Taste on Terrace, M.G. Road

Candle-light dinner with champagne,
Book: 0413-2345888

5. Maison Perumal

Seafood special dinner
Book: 0413 2227519

6. Satsanga

5 course Continental meal
Book: 0413- 2225867

7. Shenbaga Hotel & Convention Centre 

Candlelight buffet dinner

Book: 0413- 2233991




1. Viva La Jashn

Where: Rendezvous, Anandha Inn
Why go: Vegetarian buffet, live counters, karaoke

2. Om Tara

Well Cafe, Auroville
Why go: South- East Asian food & World music
Book: 0413 2622219, 8940873735


Let us know if we’ve missed a party, right below in the comments!

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