Top things to do this last May weekend in Pondicherry

Top things to do this last May weekend in Pondicherry

The Lok Sabha election is over and the results are out ! If you feel like you need some time to relax and reflect this weekend, look no further than our weekend guide . Try a craft workshop that lets you play with clay or find a peaceful gallery and get lost in a painting or simply hit the dance floor!

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A photographic documentary of the arrival of the first caravan
La Caravane Intérieur
La Caravane Intérieur In 1969 the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo ashram of Pondicherry send Vincenzo Maiolini to France to
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Bengali Food Festival
Bengali Food Festival Come celebrate the flavours of Bengal at The Bengali Food festival held at Dupliex from 18th Oct
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To find out about the Lok Sabha election results in Puducherry’s and our new Member of Parliament watch our instagram stories here