How to be a Pondy fashionista- what to wear in Pondicherry

Turn into a Pondy fashionista – and find out what to wear in Pondicherry!
Pondicherry is a nonconformist la-la land.
In its ways. In its customs. And definitely, in its style.
Pondy wears the badge of an artist: so whimsical, yet proud. Non-stereotypical; yet, largely comfortable.


A nostalgic reminiscence of the French in its heart and a cultural melting pot of many regional sensibilities and nationalities, this place is Hippie Haven, an artist’s nest egg and a pitstop for seekers of every kind.
So is it any surprise that we have a quirky style that is Pondy’s very own? Are you wondering what to wear in Pondicherry?


Lazy styles


Be it the shorts, the hats, the roomy pants, the offbeat jewellery or the revered flip-flops, “Pondy Style ” like the place itself, has a laid-back allure.

Forever sunny, Pondy favours light cottons and chiffons, breezy dresses and billowy tops, floaty tunics and flowy skirts.


With its proximity to Auroville, a champion of organic food and fashion,  there is quite a cult following for all kinds of cotton: organic, bamboo and linen- all minimalistic and with clean cuts.


We love our shorts!


This beautiful, quaint town also has an age-old love affair with shorts.
While the world debates if shorts need to be included in workwear, Pondicherrians have been wearing it and abusing it for decades! Many thanks to the Ashram? I think so!
Roomy pants have always been quintessential Pondy garb. Harems, dhoti pants, wrap pants, culottes and palazzos are a staple here for every Pondy fashionista.


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As the harsh sun relentlessly bears down on Pondy, one must seek solace in the quiet elegance of summery whites and billowy silhouettes. But bear in mind that white doesn’t mean boring!


Accessorize local style:


Pick one of the quirky and colourful accessories handcrafted by our artisans. From papier maché and silver tribal jewellery to interesting beanies and crocheted hats, the options are endless. Shorts and top? Go with an oversized bag to stove all the knick-knacks you’re sure to end up shopping for. Keep those dangly earrings for skirts and dresses. Or throw over a light wrap or kimono jacket ! And abide by what Baz Luhrman famously said.. wear sunscreen!


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Pondy, you will find, brings out the bohemian in you. Will make you want to wear those floaty skirts and junk jewellery you tuck away for lazy days; paint your nails a shocking pink, and roam the cobbled streets lost in deep contemplation.


It is a romantic’s daydream: to sit in a Pondy cafe, sipping lemonade on a hot day– wearing a sun hat and flip flops and hiding behind those sunglasses- quietly watching the world go by.
No tizzy or frenzy here, in true Pondy fashion!