#PlasticFreePondy: Old newspapers turn into bags at this boutique

#PlasticFreePondy: Old newspapers turn into bags at this boutique

Every year the world uses 500 billion plastic bags!

The focus of the UN Environment’s campaign is reducing single-use and disposable plastic, which accounts for 50 per cent of plastic we use- including plastic bags, containers, forks and spoons, cups, straws, sanitary pads etc.

While policy changes and putting pressure on local government is necessary for widespread change, it is the small actions of refusing or reusing plastic in every day life that make a big impact.

This week, PondyLive plans to highlight individuals , non-profits and businesses who are beating plastic pollution in their own ways, big and small.  Don’t forget to share your story with us below in the comment section or on facebook or instagram with #PlasticFreePondy


All deliveries at Kriti Ecoboutique are done in recycled newspaper bags. We have small bags for honey and spices and large ones with cotton handles for garments and home linen.

All these bags are a source of income to needy, underprivileged and often differently-abled women. We are happy to do our bit : empower women while saying NO to plastic.


– Dimple Chatterjee, Kirti Ecoboutique


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