Potter Portraits: Nausheen: Clay found me in my 30’s

Potter Portraits: Nausheen: Clay found me in my 30’s

PotterPortraits is a series of profiles of the industrious studio potters of Pondicherry and Auroville who make up the collective, TerraPondy. They are hosting their first exhibition this January on 26, 27 and 28. 

POTTER: Nausheen



How did your journey with clay begin?

Anything I can explore with touch, interests me a lot ; so far, I have dabbled with drawing, embroidery , stitching, cooking and gardening . I spent many years in interior design working with textiles. Clay found me a little later in my 30’s and brought me to study it closely at the Golden Bridge Pottery.

Since then, I am completely immersed in the tactile nature and magic of clay.

Its plasticity, its conversational nature is something that I love very much.


What is your inspiration?



I admire Ray, Deborah and Micheal’s work and also their approach to clay being such an intrinsic part of life. I’m influenced by everything around me – nature, movement and the shapes of things. Simply put, the beauty of daily life catches my attention.


How would you describe your style/technique?


I don’t really have too many ideas, its more of an exploratory, experiential approach. I feel I have a dialogue with clay and I’m often amazed by what turns up. I love natural textures and that shows up a lot in my work. It’s all non-conceptual, which I am really grateful for.


What will you be showcasing @ Terra Pondy ?

Tableware like cups, bowls and vases.
Outdoor sculptural works


What are the challenges of being a studio potter?



I am currently looking to set up my own studio. It’s a challenge finding a pottery space in Auroville today. Also, I’m trying to figure out ways to make a living with clay. Interesting times!


Disclosure: PondyLive is the online media partner of TerraPondy